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Plum Street Publishers promotes tolerance and understanding through books for young readers. We are committed to publishing diverse voices and experiences. Please review the following guidelines before contacting us about publishing your work.

Submission Policy

  • Plum Street accepts unsolicited proposals and submissions. We prefer to receive submissions by e-mail (send to liz@plumstreetpublishers.com). No phone calls, please.
    • Please submit only one manuscript or proposal at a time.
    • Subject line should read: Submission-[Proposed Title]
    • Please include your cover letter in the body of the e-mail and your proposal materials (see below) as file attachments in Word format.
    • Please be sure that your name, proposed title, and contact information (including e-mail address) appear on every attachment.
    • In the cover letter, please indicate whether or not your manuscript is currently complete, along with some estimate of a final manuscript page or word count and future completion date.
    • Please include a brief synopsis; descriptive outline or table of contents; and three or four sample chapters.
    • We are unable to republish, represent, or market previously self-published titles.
    • Biographical data is especially helpful to us in considering proposals and manuscripts. We're not necessarily looking for authors with strings of degrees and credentials, but anything that helps establish a link between author and proposed project is useful to us. Please list any previous publication history.
    • You may include illustration samples [see For Artists and Illustrators below], though Plum Street reserves the right to select another illustrator.
    • We accept simultaneous submissions; if that is the case, we appreciate the courtesy of a notification in the cover letter.
    • You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission. Although we review every submission, you will not receive any further response from us unless we are interested in pursuing publication. If you have heard nothing further from us after three months, you may assume that your project does not meet our current needs.
    • Please retain your original manuscript and/or proposal and send us a copy only. Your materials will not be returned.

    For Artists and Illustrators

    • Freelance illustrators may submit digital portfolio samples via e-mail or weblink to liz@plumstreetpublishers.com.
    • Subject line should read Illustration Samples-[Artist’s Name]
    • Please include biographical information, publication history, and relevant awards, if such information is not available by weblink.
    • You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission. We do review every submission but may take no immediate action unless we anticipate a specific project. This should not be interpreted as a lack of possible future interest.
    • Never send an original work or irreplaceable copy as a submission. Any physical materials submitted will not be returned, though they may be filed for future reference.
    • Plum Street considers submissions of artwork separately from submissions of text, even if proposed for the same work.