Diane Greenseid To Take On Feisty Little Flea

Diane Greenseid has signed on to illustrate The Feisty Little Flea, a French variant of the Cinderella legend. With text authored by Margaret Read MacDonald and Jen and Nat Whitman, the text owes as much to the folk tradition of Richard Chase as to Charles Perrault. Applying her trademark humor and fun-house perspective, Diane will employ a mixed-media style utilizing acrylics and collage for Feisty Little Flea

Diane has illustrated 15 picture books and won numerous awards, including three Bank Street College Best Children's Books and two Notable Children's Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies. Besides her work in children's book illustration, she is also an elementary school librarian, mosaic artist, dulcimer player, and dog boarder. She lives with her husband, musician Pete McCabe, and their dog, Willy, and Cat, Leo, in Venice, California.



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