Review Wednesday: Haunted Legends of Arkansas

by Kelly Henkins ● Pages from an Ozarks Journal ● Posted 10/21/2015

HAUNTED LEGENDS OF ARKANSAS - Thirteen Historic Sites in the (Super) Natural State
is the perfect book to kick off October. Okay, so I'm three-quarters of the way into the month posting this, but I read the book a couple of months ago then found myself referring back to some of the stories while on a trip to Arkansas.

On the first read, I felt the writing a bit slow-paced for my attention. But, as I read through the second time, I realized I had been expecting a bone-chilling hand around the wrist kind of grab. This book was not written as a 'ghost stories around the camp fire' kind of book. I was not expecting the historic background build-up to the ghost story itself, therefore I felt taken out of the scare factor I thought I would get.

HAUNTED LEGENDS is geared toward students in grades 8-12. In my opinion, this is going to be of interest to anyone interested in the history behind haunted places. The average person just wanting a good ghost story will have a challenge breaking ground to get to the corpse lying beneath.

As I read further into the stories, like any other pieces of history, I was interested more in some than in others. One of the things I found most interesting were that while seven of the sites were scattered like autumn leaves across the state, six are centered in Pulaski County.

Of the thirteen haunted legend locations, I have visited only one... so far. The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs has its share of entities - both non-threatening and others downright evil. I suspect the same can be said of the other twelve locations Ms Anderson focused on for this book. I am especially intrigued by the Keller Chapel & Cemetery in Jonesboro and the Old Confederate Cemetery in Helena - West Helena.

What interests me about those places in particular? You will need to pick up a copy of this book and find out for yourself. I am giving HAUNTED LEGENDS OF ARKANSAS;

You can purchase a copy through PlumStreetPublishers or Amazon

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